The Internet does not like the new Time Magazine cover about virtual reality

This week's Time Magazine cover features Oculus VR founder Palmer Luckey for a story billed as "The Surprising Joy of Virtual Reality." 

The cover story is supposed to herald a watershed moment for virtual reality, as companies like Facebook (which owns Oculus), HTC, Google, and Sony try to transform the technology from a geeky pastime for gamers into a mainstream phenomenon. 

But, hoo boy, just look at this cover:Advertisement

palmer luckey time magazine cover

Time Magazine

If this is supposed to make virtual reality look cool, it's failed miserably. It's true that virtual reality is primarily going to be a hobby for hardcore PC enthusiasts at first, but this cover makes it look like the least fun, least cool thing anybody in their right mind would possibly do - not the wave of the future.

The wits on Twitter have their own takes:



And then there's this amazing gif, courtesy of TechCrunch's Greg Kumparak:


palmer luckey cyberspace oculus

Greg Kumparak

Engadget made its own cutout of Luckey, if you want to get creative.