The Most Expensive Pair Of Men's Shoes In The World


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If you or someone you know was blinded by the sight of the diamond-encrusted shoes Nick Cannon wore on America's Got Talent Tuesday night, you can thank Jacob the Jeweler.

Never one to shy away from putting diamonds on things, the noted gemologist covered a pair of Tom Ford evening pumps in a sparkly, expensive mesh specifically for the two-episode season finale. (The second portion of the finale airs Wednesday evening.) Over 14,000 round white diamonds-roughly 340 carats-were set into white gold and then affixed to the shoes. The entire process took nearly a year to complete.

So how much are these one-of-a-kind kicks worth? About $2 million, which makes them pretty much the most expensive pair of shoes a man has ever worn. And we only say "pretty much" because the Guinness Book of World Records is still working to verify that claim.

And while these probably aren't the most practical things a guy can put on his feet, they do serve one purpose: Making your $1,800 John Lobbs look downright reasonable.

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