The best bike gear you can buy for your commute

  • Commuting by bike is not only better for the environment, but it's also good for your health and much more enjoyable and stress-free than rush-hour traffic.
  • We've rounded up the best gear you'll need to get started commuting to work, school, or even for weekend getaways.
  • Check out our picks for the best commuter bike, bike helmet, bike lights, bike lock, bike panniers, smartphone mount, and more.

Many of us have our morning routines down to a science. Between showering, dressing, choking down some food and coffee, and getting out the door, we know - down to the minute - how long it takes to get from bed to office chair. We do this to sleep-in as much as possible. So, why would you give up driving to work in favor of a slower bike commute?

Riding a bike to work or school is better than driving or even taking public transportation because it's eco-friendly, costs less in the long run, and gets your blood flowing so you are at your best when you arrive at your job or class. Plus, when you get your exercise during your commute, you don't have to schedule additional time at the gym.

And, many cities have made commuting by bike a more attractive option, thanks to dedicated bike lanes.

For less than $700, you can buy the basics - a bike, a helmet, a lock, and lights - and start commuting to work immediately. From there, you can slowly build up your arsenal of gear to make your experience more and more enjoyable.

Below, we list the best solutions in each category, but if you are looking for more budget-friendly alternatives, we recommend checking out the guides we link to at the end of the slides. Whether you are looking to buy the bare minimum to get started cycling to work or you want to go all out on a luxury experience, we've got the best of the best for your commuting needs.

Here is everything you need to commute by bike:

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The best commuter bike

The best commuter bike
The Brooklyn Bicycle Co. Franklin 3 is an excellent choice when you want an attractive bike that is durable and comes fully assembled.

Style, comfort, and durability are the three main foci of Brooklyn Bicycle Co. The Franklin 3 embodies all of these characteristics. No matter what you are wearing, the step-through frame allows you to get on and off easily. Live in a walk-up apartment without bike parking? No problem: The 33-pound bike is light enough to take up and down the stairs. And, Brooklyn Bicycle Co. uses high-quality parts from top manufacturers.

There are single-, three-, and seven-speed versions of the Franklin. There are also two sizes: large and medium/small. And, you can pick from cardinal red, sea glass, gloss black, matte coral, and ivory as color options.

If step-through frames aren't your thing, check out the Bedford 3, which has a parallel-to-the-ground top tube.

The Franklin 3 is recommended by The Strategist. It appreciated that the chain remains in place when switching gears, which makes it easy to operate and maintain. Also, it liked the single-speed look since the gears are hidden within the hub.

The Industry Outsider tested the Bedford 3 and Franklin 3 and recommended both. It found that the drivetrain, frame materials, and several other features were the same for the two bikes. But, it particularly liked that the Franklin 3 has a sealed bottom bracket, a chainguard, a durable KMC chain, and fenders to help with long-term durability and to keep from kicking up mud and water.

Insider Picks tested and recommended the Bedford 3 because of the effortless online buying process and it comes completely assembled.

The Franklin gets 5 stars from approximately 97% of the customers who reviewed it on the Brooklyn Bicycle Co. site. The most helpful reviewer loved that she could maneuver her bad leg over the step-through crossbar. She also felt like a kid again thanks to the enjoyable and comfortable riding experience. Several buyers liked the fast and easy ordering and pick-up process. The bike's looks also received numerous positive comments.

Pros: Comfortable to ride, heavy-duty construction, attractive design, the price includes assembly

Cons: Only has three speeds

Buy the Franklin 3 from Brooklyn Bicycle Co. for $499.99 Buy the Bedford 3 from Brooklyn Bicycle Co. for $499.99 Read our full guide to the best commuter bikes you can buy.

The best bike helmet

The best bike helmet
If you ride at night in the dark, you will appreciate the high-tech features included in the Lumos Kickstart Bike Helmet.

The Lumos Kickstart Bike Helmet makes night-rides safer with turn and brake indicators that light-up on the back. Riders use a handlebar-mounted signal switch to indicate direction changes, while a rear warning light to let drivers know when you are braking (it automatically turns on when you apply the brakes). The orange turn signals are helpful when it's too dark for motorists to see your hand signals. You are visible at all times thanks to the red rear and white front LED lights.

You use a smartphone app to set up the helmet and recharge it with a proprietary magnetic charging cord. Unfortunately, this means that you can't use just any old cord to charge your helmet, but Lumos sells backup cords for at work and at home.

Business Insider's James Stout tested this helmet and recommended it because the turn signals make drivers more aware of the direction he's heading. And, he's even had several drivers ask him where he got the helmet while stopped at traffic lights.

Cycling Weekly recommended the Lumos Kickstart because of its impressive comfort, despite weighing more than most helmets due to the battery and lights. At first, the reviewer thought it was a gimmick but, after testing it, decided it was a great option for commuters.

If $180 is more than you're willing to spend on a helmet, consider the Schwinn Beam LED Lighted Bike Helmet. It doesn't have the high-end features of the Kickstart, but it does have a built-in red rear light, a reflective design, and only costs about $35. The helmet offers 360-degree adjustability for maximum comfort, and you can choose between steady and flashing lights. I tested this helmet and was impressed with how comfortable and easy to adjust it was on my giant head. You have to press the button just right to turn the light on, but it works well.

Pros: Good fit, easy setup, wireless controls allow you to activate turn signals while keeping your hands on the handles, highly visible to motorists

Cons: Lacks the adjustability of high-end helmets, heavier than regular helmets, requires a proprietary charging cord

Buy the Lumos Kickstart Bike Helmet at REI for $180 Buy the Schwinn Beam LED Lighted Bike Helmet on Amazon for $31.61 Read our full guide to the best bike helmets you can buy.

The best bike lock

The best bike lock
The Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Mini Bicycle U-Lock does a great job of protecting your bike by keeping would-be thieves at bay.

When it comes to bike locks, Kryptonite reigns supreme. Its Anti-Theft Protection Offer is one reason it stands above the competition. It works like this: When you register your lock with the company, preferably right after purchase, Kryptonite will pay to replace your bike if it's stolen. Registration is free for the first year after you buy the Fahgettaboudit Mini. After that, you can get five years of coverage for $24.99.

According to Kryptonite, the Fahgettaboudit Mini is its highest security offering. The 18-millimeter hardened steel is used to make the shackle, while an oversized hardened steel sleeve covers the crossbar for added security. A high-security disk-style cylinder disengages the lock, which comes with three keys. A sliding dust cover protects the cylinder from debris. The keyway design also makes it difficult to compromise.

The Wirecutter recommended the Fahgettaboudit Mini because the thick shackle would require someone to make a couple of time-consuming cuts to make off with a bicycle. However, the reviewer notes that the lock is heavy at 4.55 pounds. Consumer Search and The Best Bike Lock also recommend this model.

The Fahgettaboudit Mini received four or five stars from about 84% of the people who reviewed it on Amazon. There are many comments about how secure and sturdy the lock looks. Yet, there are several complaints about how small it is. Though the size makes it hard to lock up your seat post, wheels, and other elements, it's important for security. Buyers suggest purchasing a cable to lock to the U-lock or multiple U-locks. One reviewer was upset that if you don't register your lock, Kryptonite won't honor the anti-theft offer.

Pros: Harder to cut through than any other lock, will replace bike if stolen within the first year of buying (and registering) the lock

Cons: Heavy, small, expensive

Read our full guide to the best bike locks you can buy.

The best bike fenders

The best bike fenders
The Planet Bike Cascadia Bike Fenders are a smart solution when you want an attractive and durable way to keep the road's grime off you on your commute.

If you like to ride all year round no matter the weather, the Planet Bike Cascadia Bike Fenders are for you. The fenders are 45 millimeters wide and fit bikes with 700c wheels between 28 and 35 mm in width. The polycarbonate blades have mudflaps for an added 130 mm of coverage.

The Cascadia Bike Fenders come with a lifetime limited warranty and are backed by Planet Bike's excellent customer support. The company also makes spare parts readily available for their products because they believe it's much more sustainable to fix components than replace them.

The reviewer at Bike Commuters recommends the Cascadia Bike Fenders because they are easy to install on disc-equipped bikes. Installation took him about 15 minutes. The process was faster and more intuitive than other brands he's tried.

Kent's Bike Blog recommends the Planet Bike fenders because they fit his 700x40 tires. He noted that the V-stays provide excellent stability, and the stainless-steel mounting hardware is durable. He appreciated the fenders' attractive look and that they didn't rattle on his commutes.

The Planet Bike Cascadia Bike Fenders received positive ratings from around 81% of the Amazon buyers who reviewed them. The most helpful reviewer, Dale H., commented that he hasn't had to adjust them after 1,500 miles of riding. His tires are 700x38, and he rides in all weather. He has noticed that they do squeak when he goes over bumps, and snow cakes up on the bottom bracket.

Buyers who timed their installation note that it takes between 45 and 60 minutes. And, there are several reviewers who have received compliments about the appearance of their fenders.

Pros: Lifetime warranty, attractive appearance, rattle-free, stainless-steel mounting hardware, simple installation

Cons: Doesn't work with wider tires (40 mm is pushing it), expensive

Buy the Planet Bike Cascadia Bike Fenders on Amazon for $54.99 Read our full guide to the best bike fenders you can buy.

The best bike light

The best bike light
You can make your late night and early morning commutes safer with the bright taillight and headlight of the affordable Cygolite Streak 450 Hotshot SL Bike Light Combo Set.

The Hotshot SL 50 Lumen taillight and Streak 450 Lumen headlight make up the Cygolite Streak 450 Hotshot SL Bike Light Combo Set. The taillight offers 200 hours of light on a single charge, while the headlight lasts for 100 hours.

You can plug the mini USB cord used to charge the lights into a cube or your computer. Micro USB (not mini) connections are more popular these days so you may want to make sure you have an extra mini USB cord at work. There's an indicator that warns you when the battery is low so you aren't left in the dark.

Both lights have daylighting, which uses powerful flashes to help you stand out in broad daylight. The headlight also has walking, steady pulse, boost, low, medium, and high modes. The taillight has five other modes that vary in brightness and flash tempo.

The reviewer at The Wirecutter recommends the Streak 450 Hotshot SL Bike Light Combo Set because it produced an incredibly bright beam at long distances and close range in their tests. While offering a long battery life, the reviewer found the taillight is bright enough for most urban and bike-path riding. Single Geared recommends this because the reviewer was impressed with the easy tool-free mounting, and he noticed a significant improvement in motorists' awareness of him on the roads.

The Cygolite Streak 450 Hotshot SL Bike Light Combo Set received positive reviews from approximately 77% of the people who rated it on Amazon. The most helpful reviewer, Christopher Hansen, gave the set five stars due to the brightness of the headlight and the long battery life. However, he noted there were hot spots in the headlight. Many commenters remarked on the brightness of the headlight.

One reviewer cut her finger trying to remove the light. But, over time, she noticed the quick-release loosened up and the light slid off easier.

Pros: Several useful lighting modes, easy to mount, long battery life, incredibly bright

Cons: Relies on mini USB for charging (instead of the more popular micro USB)

Buy the Cygolite Streak 450 Hotshot SL Bike Light Combo Set on Amazon for $45.47 Read our full guide to the best bike lights you can buy.

The best headlamp

The best headlamp
If you've ever wanted a car headlight on your forehead while cycling, consider the GRDE Zoomable 3 Modes Super Bright LED Headlamp, which comes close with its 1800 lumens output.

In most situations, you won't want to use the GRDE Zoomable 3 Modes Super Bright LED Headlamp on its top setting. It's just too bright. Yet, you will love the incredible illuminating power of this lamp when you're trying to make your way home on a poorly lit path after working late.

The headlamp has some heft to it (it weighs almost 13 ounces), which speaks to the heavy-duty durability of the unit. Depending on the conditions you are heading into, you can adjust and focus the light's beam. However, one drawback is that there are only two brightness settings — high and low. There's also a strobe setting to really catch the attention of drivers.

The GRDE headlamp comes with two rechargeable batteries, a USB cable, a car charger, and a wall charger so there are a variety of ways to stay juiced. On high beam, the battery lasts for about four hours. On low, it's about seven. And, the overall operating life of the headlamp is up to 100,000 hours.

Best Reviews recommends the GRDE Headlamp because it fits comfortably and adjusted easily in their tests. The reviewer also noted that the reduced light capacity was helpful when around others and when you don't want to blind drivers. Headlamp Reviews, Tactical Flashlight Expert, and Nature Immerse also recommend this model.

With more than 3,000 customer reviews, the GRDE Headlamp has a 4.2-star rating on Amazon. The most common positive comment is about the power of the high beam. One owner said it's brighter than his biggest flashlight. Buyers also appreciated the affordable price point.

Pros: Long operating life, affordable, extraordinarily bright light, also useful for camping and reading at night

Cons: Relatively heavy, only two light strengths

Buy the GRDE Zoomable 3 Modes Super Bright LED Headlamp on Amazon for $23.99 Read our full guide to the best headlamps you can buy.

The best bike computer

The best bike computer
Not only does the Sigma ROX GPS 12.0 Sport Basic Cycling Computer have excellent navigation and training software, it's enjoyable to use with its smartphone-like interface and high-resolution touchscreen.

Sigma is one of the top names in the cycle computer space. The ROX GPS 12.0 Sport Basic Cycling Computer is their latest offering, which functions just as clear, clean, and fast as your cellphone. It even runs on Android. The base maps come from the OpenStreetMap database to ensure the directions are up-to-date and accurate. Maps of Canada and the United States come preloaded on the device and are continually updated and refined. You also enjoy free access to maps from other countries.

If you are riding on a bright sunny day, you don't have to worry about your screen getting washed out. The bright full-color screen can handle all lighting conditions. Sigma uses the same mount for the ROX 12.0 that other industry leaders use so you can integrate several accessories using an aftermarket mount. And, the unit charges using the ubiquitous micro USB so you don't have to worry about misplacing a proprietary charger or any other oddball charging cable.

DC Rainmaker recommends the ROX 12.0 because of its unparalleled responsiveness and map clarity. However, the reviewer didn't like that there was no way for the device to inform you of incoming notifications. Insider Picks' James Stout actually liked that he was able to get away from his texts, calls, and other notifications and enjoy his ride. He recommends the ROX 12.0 because it has the best touchscreen and screen clarity of any of the dozens of models he tested. And, Amazon buyers comment on how great the visibility and accuracy of the maps are.

Pros: Great navigation, precision touchscreen, incredibly clear maps

Cons: App could use some work, expensive

Buy the Sigma ROX GPS 12.0 Sport Basic Cycling Computer on Amazon for $349 (originally $475) Read our full guide to the best bike computers you can buy.

The best bike rack for your car

The best bike rack for your car
Though it's on the expensive side, the Thule T2 Pro XT 2 Bike Rack is an outstanding heavy-duty hitch bike rack that allows you to access your hatchback while it's loaded.

The Thule T2 Pro XT 2 Bike Rack provides a combination of simplicity and versatility. Fat tires up to 5 inches thick and wheels from 20 to 29 inches are quickly secured thanks to the frame-free ratcheting arm. The rack easily slides onto your hitch via an attachment knob. There's no need for tools. However, since it weighs 51 pounds, you do need to use a little muscle get it in place.

You can tilt the T2 Pro XT up or down. So, you just tilt the rack down when you want to gain access to your hatchback. Or, for a compact appearance, tilt it up when it isn't loaded. Each mount has a 24-inch cable lock integrated into it. When the ratcheting arm isn't in use, the cable retracts.

Outdoor Gear Lab gave the Thule T2 Pro XT 2 Bike Rack the Editor's Choice Award because of its ease of everyday use, versatility, and durability. The reviewer appreciated the one-handed tilt feature and called the rack one of the most reliable pieces of gear he has used. Yet, he found it was lacking in security features.

The tilt feature is also a favorite of the reviewer at He recommends the rack because bikes stay in place with little to no movement even when driving over speed bumps, uneven pavement, and potholes or when performing evasive maneuvers.

The Thule T2 Pro XT 2 Bike Rack received four or five stars from around 81% of the people who reviewed it on Amazon. Commenters liked that the rack is tray style as opposed to hanging. This allowed it to hold several different bike types without attaching to the frame. Reviewers also remark that the rack seems durable since there aren't any cheap plastic parts to it.

The downside to using durable metal is that the rack is quite heavy. And, several buyers complained that the pictorial instructions that come with this unit are confusing.

Pros: Durable, holds a wide range of bike types, tilts down for easy hatchback access

Cons: Heavy, confusing assembly instructions, pricey

Buy the Thule T2 Pro XT 2 Bike Rack on Amazon starting at $579.95 Read our full guide to the best bike racks you can buy.

The best bike pump

The best bike pump
At under 8 ounces and 12 inches, the Lumintrail Mini Bike Pump can be strapped to your bike frame easily or tucked away in a backpack.

The Lumintrail Mini Bike Pump is not something you'd use at home to inflate the tires of your family's fleet. Yet, this is the ideal solution if you have a long commute and don't want a flat tire to make you late for your 8 am meeting.

You can use the mount that comes with the pump to attach it to your frame, or you can toss it into a pannier or backpack. At 11 inches long and 7.4 ounces, it doesn't take up much space.

Despite the small stature, the pump can handle 120 PSI, which should be enough for any bike type, including high-performance racing tubes. The rotating nozzle is held in place with a locking lever and works with Presta and Schrader valves. You can read the pressure on a small gauge situated right underneath the nozzle.

Heavy recommends the Lumintrail Mini Bike Pump because the fold-out handle made using a portable bike pump a little less tedious. The glueless repair kit also came in handy. However, the reviewer did find the gauge hard to read and questioned its accuracy. Homethods, My Pro Scooter, and Biker Picks also recommend this model.

About 66% of the Amazon buyers who reviewed the Lumintrail Mini Bike Pump gave it a positive rating. One reviewer appreciated that the pump was easy enough for her 12-year-old grandson to connect and use. Others liked the ergonomic handle, the rotating nozzle head, and that the unit comes with everything you need to patch a flat.

Though the Lumintrail Mini does come with six patches, we recommend spending an extra $9 or so to get a proper kit. The RocRide 16-PC Inner Tube Patch Bicycle Repair Kit comes with a metal scuffer, an array of patches, a tube of vulcanizing glue, and three tire removal tools to make your repair job easier. It all fits into a compact 4.75-inch by ¼-inch by ¾-inch container.

Pros: Easy to switch between Presta and Schrader, affordable, lightweight, compact

Cons: Really need to use some muscle at higher PSIs

Buy the Lumintrail Mini Bike Pump on Amazon for $11.99 Buy the RocRide 16-PC Inner Tube Patch Bicycle Repair Kit on Amazon for $8.47 Read our full guide to the best bike pumps you can buy.

The best multi-tool

The best multi-tool
When parts of your bike come loose during your commute, the compact Schwinn 9-in-1 Tool will help you make minor repairs with its nine useful tools.

The Schwinn 9-in-1 Tool is another compact tool you'll want with you on your commutes to ensure minor repairs don't become major hassles. The tool features 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, and 8mm hex wrenches along with a Phillips head screwdriver and a T 25 Torx wrench. This should be all you need to make adjustments on most bikes. The tool folds up to fit in your seat bag, pocket, backpack, or pannier.

We weren't able to find any expert reviews of the Schwinn 9-in-1 Tool, but there are plenty of Amazon buyers who have shared their opinions. The multi-tool has garnered a 4.2-star average customer rating based on over 70 reviews. One buyer appreciated that it had all of the tools he needed to make adjustments to his BMX and mountain bikes. He bought several so his sons wouldn't take his. There were some complaints that the tool doesn't work for every bike and that it doesn't include a chain tool or flathead screwdriver.

Pros: Compact design, features nine tools that will cover minor tweaks and repairs on most bikes, affordable

Cons: Doesn't have a chain tool or flathead screwdriver

Buy the Schwinn 9-in-1 Tool on Amazon for $10.79

The best smartphone mount

The best smartphone mount
If you want to use your smartphone for navigation, listening to music, or keeping tabs on texts and calls while cycling, the Vibrelli Universal Bike Phone Mount is your best bet.

The Vibrelli Universal Bike Phone Mount is great because once it's installed, it's easy to pop your iPhone or Android device into and out of it. The mount fits bikes and motorcycles with handlebars between 0.9 and 1.3 inches in diameter. It will hold mobile devices up to 3.7 inches wide using a strong adjustable clamp and silicone bands so it will likely work for your phone. The unit comes with three silicone bands — black, red, and grey — so you can accessorize, have backups, or use two at once for added security. Also, with the ball-and-socket design, you can adjust and rotate your device for better visibility.

There are several expert sites that recommend the Vibrelli Universal Bike Phone Mount. Bicycling recommends it because the reviewer found it could accommodate just about any smartphone. They noted that it was easy to adjust the angle of the phone and access the audio jack and control buttons. The Wirecutter appreciated how easy it was to mount the phone using the silicone corner straps and plastic bracket. Outside Pursuits, Top Review Pro, and The Lake and Stars all recommend this model.

There are more than 3,000 five-star reviews of the Vibrelli Universal Bike Phone Mount on Amazon. The most common comments are that the phone mount fits iPhones (in cases) snugly and that it can handle all sorts of terrains and speeds without failing. There are several reviews from motorcyclists who use this mount at high speeds of over 70 miles per hour without an issue. One buyer recommended installing the mount carefully with the extra rubber pieces, if necessary, to ensure there's as little movement as possible.

Pros: Inexpensive, works with all of the top smartphones, allows you to easily access audio jack and buttons, reliable

Cons: Buyers express durability concerns since it's made mostly of plastic

Buy the Vibrelli Universal Bike Phone Mount on Amazon for $14.98

The best bike bag/pannier

The best bike bag/pannier
Without breaking the bank, the Ibera Bicycle Bag PakRak Clip-On Quick-Release All Weather Bike Panniers protects your gear no matter what Mother Nature throws at you.

The Ibera Bicycle Bag PakRak Clip-On Quick-Release All Weather Bike Panniers are unique because they come with rain covers to keep your contents dry. The panniers are made of 1680D nylon, which is resistant to splashing. They are sold as a pair, and each bag holds up to 20 pounds and 15 liters of items. The Ibera PakRak attaches securely to the rear rack of your bike using a three-point quick release and clip-on system. The identical bags have a drawstring pouch, two large inside pockets, and a top zippered pocket, which should give you enough compartments to stay organized.

The reviewer at Average Joe Cyclist recommends the easy to remove and attach Ibera PakRak All-Weather Bike Panniers. He liked that the panniers kept his gear dry in downpours. He also appreciated the many compartments and the looks of this model. He suggests using these bags for commuting or touring. The Ibera panniers are also recommended by The Elite Product, Runner Click, and Rydoze.

On Amazon, there are over 200 positive reviews of the Ibera PakRak All-Weather Bike Panniers. Reviewers are impressed by how well the rain covers protect their contents from the elements, and there are several comments about how spacious the bags are. One buyer fit cooking equipment, a hammock, a sleeping bag, and more into the panniers while taking off on a five-day cycling adventure. His stuff was even dry after the bags sat through a night of driving rain. There was a complaint about a zipper breaking after two months of use, but the buyer received a full refund.

In order to use your panniers, you need a good rear rack. We recommend the Ibera PakRak Touring Carrier Plus+ Rack. In addition to fitting most 26-inch and 700c frames, it's made of durable aluminum and has plenty of mounting options to make it compatible with most bags. The rack weighs 1.7 pounds but can hold up to 55 pounds.

Pros: Reflective trim, excellent customer service, attractive design, easy to remove and attach, 30L of storage, waterproof

Cons: Some durability concerns

Buy the Ibera Bicycle Bag PakRak Clip-On Quick-Release All Weather Bike Panniers (2 bags) on Amazon for $70.99 Buy the Planet Bike Eco Bike Rack on Amazon starting at $29.99

The best waterproof bike clothing for your commute

The best waterproof bike clothing for your commute
If you are interested in commuting in all weather conditions, it helps to have the Co-op Cycles Waterproof Cycling Clothing so you can arrive at your destination dry and comfortable.

The Co-op Cycles Rain Jacket is made of recycled nylon ripstop with a 2.5-layer waterproof/breathable membrane. The fabric is bluesign-certified, which means it's made responsibly. The jacket is designed to be windproof up to 60 miles per hour. On both the front and the rear of the jacket, there are zippered pockets for holding your valuables. And, a drawcord hem protects you from the wet and cold.

Nineteen of the 27 buyers who have reviewed either the Men's or the Women's rain jacket on gave it four or five stars. The most consistent positives are that the jacket is long in back to allow the water to flow away from you and the color and reflective elements make you quite visible. However, there were a couple of complaints about the back pocket being too small and water seeping through after half an hour of heavy rain.

Like the jacket, the Co-op Cycles Rain Cycling Pants are made of nylon ripstop that's bluesign-approved. It also has a 2.5-layer waterproof coating, which is designed to be breathable while keeping out the elements. The pants feature zippers by the ankles so you can easily slip them on or off over your shoes. The gusseted crotch and articulated knees offer an excellent range of motion. There's also a zippered rear pocket for smaller valuables. Both the pants and jackets are backed by REI's lifetime limited warranty.

Fourteen of the 22 buyers who reviewed the Men's and Women's rain pants on gave them four or five stars. Reviewers appreciated that the pants live up to their waterproof claims, and you can pack them up small enough to fit into a pocket. One fast road cyclist was concerned that they were too baggy and therefore caused too much wind resistance. However, he did recommend the pants for commuting.

Pros: Cuts through the wind, drawstrings to keep out the elements, designed for movement, limited lifetime warranty

Cons: Small pockets, pants are quite baggy

Buy the Co-op Cycles Rain Jacket (Men's) from REI for $99.95 Buy the Co-op Cycles Rain Jacket (Women's) from REI starting at $29.83 Buy the Co-op Cycles Rain Cycling Pants (Men's) from REI for $79.95 Buy the Co-op Cycles Rain Cycling Pants (Women's) from REI for $79.95
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