The combined jackpots for the next Powerball and Mega Millions are nearly $900 million - here are 8 over-the-top things you could buy if you won

Business Insider | Jan 4, 2018, 01.24 AM IST
Business Insider

Alan Crowhurst/Getty ImagesBuy a $42,000 watch designed by the fastest man on earth.

Life could change for one - or even a few - lucky people Wednesday night.

As of Wednesday afternoon, the Mega Millions jackpot climbed to an estimated $418 million and the Powerball jackpot reached $460 million.

With that much cash on hand, some of the world's finest luxuries suddenly become attainable.

Below, check out eight over-the-top purchases the lottery winner could make, from multi-million dollar real estate to once-in-a-lifetime travel excursions.

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Make a trip to Ibiza, Spain, to enjoy the most expensive tasting menu in the world at the Hard Rock Hotel. A 13-course dinner for two costs $3,266 and includes DIY cocktails, 360-degree projections, neon dining tables, and dishes that incorporate experimental techniques. Stay in the hotel's Rockstar Suite for about $4,200 a night.

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