The iPhone 11 camera design is being roasted on Twitter

iPhone 11 Pro


The new iPhone 11 Pro, announced by Apple on Tuesday, has three cameras.

  • Apple announced the new iPhone 11 on Tuesday - it's the first iPhone released since Apple design chief Jony Ive left in July.
  • The iPhone 11 has two cameras, and the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max have three cameras. 
  • People on Twitter can't stop chuckling about the camera-heavy phone's resemblance to other things - like bowling balls, coconuts, stoves, spiders, and Pikachu.
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Apple announced the new iPhone 11 on Tuesday, and Twitter is having a field day making fun of the phone's camera-heavy design.

The iPhone 11 has two cameras stacked atop one another, and the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max both sport three cameras, arranged in a triangle. Given Apple's history of making sleek, elegant gadgets, the new phones struck many people as looking decidedly clunky. Some joked that the design was reminiscent of unglamorous objects, from stoves and spiders to bowling balls and... Pikachu.

The iPhone 11 is the first iPhone to be announced since since the departure of longtime Apple design chief Jony Ive in July.

Check out 13 comparisons Twitter has for the iPhone 11 camera design:


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The new iPhone 11 has two cameras, and the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max have three cameras.

The new iPhone 11 has two cameras, and the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max have three cameras.

Twitter just can't help seeing the Pro cameras as other things ...

Thts the new #iPhone11 Coconut design .

— Ridhi Rajput🗺 (@ridhikulus) September 10, 2019

Like a bowling ball.


— एजेंट D🌈 (@BrahmaandKiMaa) September 10, 2019

Or Superman's enemy Brainiac.

This camera reminds me of Brianiac

— Fani Baba (@Ex_Jedi666) September 10, 2019

Some see a fidget spinner.

Love that fidget spinner camera module😹 ♥️ on 11pro.#AppleEvent #iPhone11

— Shaam garg (@ShaamGarg) September 10, 2019

And an electric shaver.

iPhone 11 Pro cameras straight up look like Philips Shaver!#AppleEvent #iPhone11

— Rahul singh (@Rahulsingh_fact) September 10, 2019

One person even compared the phone to the monsters in hazmat suits in the film "Monsters, Inc."

I thought this looked familiar #iPhone11

— M ✩ (@hobispriite) September 10, 2019

There's a certain resemblance to a Furby.

I knew this new #iPhone11 reminded me of something

— Tony Shepherd (@tonysheps) September 10, 2019

And Pikachu.

With #iPhone11 Pikachu comes to live !!#AppleEvent

— ℍeisen𝐛ong (@_heisenbong_) September 10, 2019

All those shiny cameras might also bring to mind a spider.

Who wore it best? #iPhone11 #spider

— Josh Tally (@Ditzy_Jae) September 10, 2019

Or the Little Green Men from Toy Story.

La caméra de l'iPhone 11 je la vois comme ça #iPhone11 #AppleEvent

— Val (@Valentiin_Cssn) September 10, 2019

It's a phone, no, it's a stovetop.

LMFAO WHO MADE THISSS 😂😂😂😂 #AppleEvent #iPhone11

— Aisha (@aishapatel16) September 10, 2019

The phone's camera layout reminded a lot of people of a stove.

In #iPhone11 we can cook anything at anytime at anywhere..😂#AppleEvent

— Abaidullah Aslam (@Abaidulah_Aslam) September 10, 2019
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