The iPhone 6S will be twice as fast as the iPhone 6 when using LTE, and it'll probably have better battery life too

iPhone 6 Plus

Business Insider

You'll be able to download apps, music, and movies much faster on the upcoming iPhone 6S compared to the iPhone 6, according to 9to5Mac's Mark Gurman.

His latest report suggests that a new chip inside Apple's next iPhone will significantly boost LTE performance - even doubling that of the iPhone 6.

The processor that will power the new iPhone is likely to include Qualcomm's MDM9635M chip, says Gurman, who has obtained a photo of the iPhone 6S' logic board. Advertisement

It would be a big win for people who are tired of waiting a while for large apps and movies to download on their iPhones. Gurman notes that you'll be able to download content at a rate of 300 megabits per second (Mbps) when connected to LTE on the new iPhone. To put that in perspective, the iPhone 6 is only capable of downloading files at 150 Mbps.

You'll notice this the most when you're downloading content rather than just browsing the web, the report says.

Here's the photo of the iPhone 6S logic board that Gurman posted:

This new Qualcomm chip is also more power efficient, Gurman writes, which means the next iPhone could have better battery life than the iPhone 6. In general, the motherboard in the iPhone 6S is also narrower, which could potentially allow Apple to include a larger battery.Apple isn't likely to unveil its next iPhone until September, but various leaks already provide a glimpse at what to expect. It sounds like the addition of a Force Touch screen, faster LTE speeds, and a better camera are projected to be the most significant improvements. Advertisement

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