The next version of Apple's iPhone software, iOS 12, is coming on September 17 - here are some of the biggest changes coming

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  • Apple's iOS 12 will be available September 17
  • The new mobile operating system will have some significant changes, including how notifications are displayed, updates to the Photos app, and a new augmented reality Measure app to take measurements with only your iPhone camera.
  • Older iPhone models should also get a speed boost after downloading the new operating system.

If you've been itching to try Apple's latest operating system, you're in luck - iOS 12 will be available for download on September 17, Apple announced at its keynote event on Wednesday.

iOS 12 will come with some significant updates, including a speed boost for older iPhones, a change to the notification system, a new augmented reality app, and more. Advertisement

Here are some of the most notable iOS 12 features:
  • A speed boost for older iPhones: Apple boasts 40% faster app launches, 50% faster keyboard opening, and a 70% speed boost to opening the camera.
  • Notification grouping on the lock screen: Push notifications will be stacked and grouped by app and topic.
  • Siri Shortcuts: You'll be able to tell Siri to complete certain strings of commands and tasks.
  • CarPlay, the iPhone integration with certain car infotainment systems, will support Google Maps and Waze.
  • Screen Time adds the ability to monitor and limit your time in certain apps.
  • The Photos app will be updated with new search suggestions.
  • A new Measure app will let you, ahem, measure distances with only your phone camera.
  • Later this year, Apple plans to add FaceTime calling with up to 32 participants - but it won't be in the original iOS 12 release, as originally planned.

Here's a full list of the biggest upcoming features in iOS 12.