The questions you should ask yourself before calling it quits

Meet a former Google career coach Jenny Blake who has helped several working professionals who wanted to call it quits, figure our whether they really wanted to take the leap.

In her recently published book titled "Pivot: The Only Move That Matters Is Your Next One", the career strategist and the co-founder of Google's career development program spilled her strategy. She asks people to try 'career pilot', an experiment where you test whether or not you'd like to transition into a new role. Blake calls it a less risky way of transitioning job roles.

The first step, she says, is to identify a skill or job title you identify with by asking yourself these three questions:


If there is a role you identify with, it's important to introspect what sort of liking you have to it. Do you want to make the transition for money or for the role? It's a good idea to pitch a project related to this new area of your liking to your boss and give it a try.

Blake recommends saying, "I really would love to work on [X] for 10 percent of my time."

You could also start a book club on the topic or simply start reading more about the new skill to see if it interests you, she says.


"Figure out if there are ways you can learn more about this area," she recommends. Enrolling yourself in a library or a digital course could prove really helpful.


"Try to get a sense of whether your team or company needs these new skills," she recommends. If that search leads to a dead end, see if there is a need for the desired role at other companies.

How this route helped Blake:

Her first role with Google was in Adwords, the search engine's advertising program. But after a few years, she grew tired of the role and was feeling unhappy at work. Once she realised that she enjoyed helping others with their career paths, Blake enrolled in a course to improve her coaching skills.

In a chance encounter with a colleague, she found out that Google was looking for someone with these skills for a new role. Blake got the new job and stayed with the company for several more years. Now, she runs her own business and career strategy firm and writes about career success.
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