There will be 4 times more internet traffic in next 5 years

The rise in affordable smartphones, better data network have contributed to a fantastic thing. The Internprotocol (IP) traffic in India will rise by 4 times between 2014 and 2019 at a pace of 33 % annually.

The study conducted by Cisco shows the average fixed broadband speed in India growing 2.9-fold to 12 Mbps in 2019 from 4.0 Mbps in 2014. The number of networked devices is expected to increase to 1.6 billion from 1.1 billion in the same period.

"Collectively, these variables are expected to help IP traffic in India grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 33 per cent - as against a corresponding global CAGR of 23 per cent," the statement added.

"We are clearly headed towards a new era in Internet communications as the Internet of Everything (IoE) gains momentum, with M2M connections predicted to triple, reaching 10.5 billion by 2019," Cisco (India and SAARC) Managing Director (Global Service Provider Business) Sanjay Kaul told the news agnecy PTI.

The report also says that mobile data traffic is expected to grow 67 % and reach 1.1 exabytes per month in 2019, up from 88 petabytes per month in 2014.

"India's mobile share was 9 per cent of the total IP traffic in 2014, which will be 28 per cent in 2019," it predicted.

"We look forward to tracking the IoE economy in coming years and its impact on healthcare, agriculture, manufacturing, retail, transportation and other key industries," Kaul said.

The news report by PTI says, smartphones will account for 40 % (651.4 million) of all networked devices in 2019 compared to 13 % (139.8 million) in 2014, and 74 per cent of all networked devices will be mobile-connected in 2019.

(Image: Thinkstock)