There would be no OnePlus 4! Here’s why

The smartphone war around the world has heated up. With innovations every day, this sector is still far from saturation. The mercury level in India going up, so is the excitement about new phone launches. From Samsung S8 to LG G6 and MI 6, we have seen it all. And now as we eagerly wait for a new roll out from the OnePlus stable, there have already been rumours about OnePlus 4. The brand that ‘never settles’ had launched OnePlus 3T early this year, which is as amazing as its earlier products, only with better configuration.
However if you are an OnePlus fan, you would be sad to know that the Chinese phone maker wouldn’t be bringing out any OnePlus 4. Fret not, for it would straight away jump to OnePlus 5.

But what’s the reason behind this absurd plan? Let’s find it out.

According to some leading technology blogs, some Asian countries believe four is a number that brings ill luck. This syndrome is called Tetraphobia or the fear of four. According to Wikipedia, Number 4 (四; accounting 肆; pinyin sì) is considered an unlucky number in Chinese because it is nearly homophonous to the word "death" or "decease" (死 pinyin sǐ).

So, if OnePlus comes with 4, it will be called OnePlus Death, which obviously wouldn’t be wise to call a flagship phone, no matter how hipster-like it may sound.


And OnePlus isn’t the only one to join the numerology bandwagon. The Finnish legend Nokia also suffered from tetraphobia and that is why you never had any Nokia phones with 4.

However, OnePlus 5 is worth the wait. With dual cameras and super features, this will once again rock.

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