There's a new 'female-friendly' restaurant in Virginia - here's what it's like

Matchbox American Kitchen + Spirit

Matchbox American Kitchen + Spirit

Matchbox American Kitchen + Spirit spicy tuna tartare tacos

A new restaurant in Virginia is hoping to attract a market that makes up 51% of all of the US: women.

A Matchbox American Kitchen + Spirit location in Ashburn, Virginia that opened earlier this week is being touted as "female-friendly" by Matchbox Food Group CEO Ty Neal, reports Northern Virginia Magazine.

The aspects of "Matchbox 2.0" intended to appeal to women include more health-conscious options and specialty salads. The portions are also smaller. Advertisement

According to Neal, the new location will have the best bar Matchbox Food Group has ever built. It also has an open kitchen, with a modern design the Northern Virginia Magazine says is "much like the trendy lofts millennials crave with exposed ductwork."

Matchbox is known for its pizzas and burgers, though the new location has a number of new trendy offerings (perhaps attempting to appeal to female clientele), including spicy tuna tartar, beet and burrata salad, and whipped ricotta fettuccini.

STK Milan


Matchbox is far from the first restaurant attempting to attract female customers in a slightly hamfisted manner. A huge part of the business model of steakhouses STK and Eva Longoria's shuttered SHe has been marketing food traditionally associated with male customers to women. While it clearly didn't work out well with SHe, which labeled steaks He-Cuts, She-Cuts, and We-Cuts, STKs today has around a dozen locations around the world.

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