Jitters in your first job? These tips will definitely help you!

While cracking the interview for your first job may have been tough, sustaining that job is a far more difficult task at hand. You are all jittery and you have absolutely no clue what to do right? Take a break and hear us out. BI India brings out a list of tips that will help you have a sail smooth in your first job!

Be punctual

Punctuality in your work is always praised in office. Yes, it’s a different story while in college but remember you cannot just walk into the office whenever you want to. Reach office on time even if your colleagues enter in late.

Keep the right attitude

You landed a job and the interviewer was impressed by the passion you showed in the interview. Its important to be equally passionate for the job given to you even though you may not like it. Remember, there is a lesson to be learnt from every job you do. “Do not expect a cakewalk treatment from the first day of your job,” said Saman Ahmad, an HR professional with a Gurgaon based telecom company.

Maintain decorum

Remember, office is a place where everything is being noticed. So when you next step out for a coffee break, just remind yourself how many breaks have you taken in the day and if your day’s work is close to completion. Pay more emphasis to finishing your work than going out for regular coffee breaks.

“And even if you step out for lunch or coffee, inform your reporting manager that you are going. If the manager isn’t there, inform your colleagues but it is important to tell someone about your break before you zoom out of office,” she added.

Behave well

Everyone has a bad day at office but that doesn’t mean you start venting out your frustration publicly. While it is important to stick to your stand, ensure you are not getting into a futile argument with your reporting manager or your colleagues. If you had a bad day with your boss, do not go and badmouth him with your colleagues, even though you may be tempted to. Similarly, do not share offensive posts on your social media especially when your colleagues from the office are added there. “Most fresher do commit such blasphemies, which they later regret,” said Ahmad.

Formal communication is the best

It may be fine to use SMS language amongst your friends but restrict it to your personal circle. Many a times, it is noticed that fresher end up using SMS or informal language while sending official mails. It is a blunder. Use proper English while sending official emails. This way, you will also be considered to be mature to handle responsibilities in a project.