This Amazing Chart Shows All The Ways The NSA Spies On You


It's hard to keep track of all the NSA data collecting and spying programs that have been revealed in the past year, so ProPublica created an interactive graphic that plots the programs according to their purpose.

The programs are plotted based on whether they're bulk or targeted and foreign or domestic. Click on a program to find out more information about it.

Click on the graphic below for an interactive version on ProPublica's site:


What's striking is how many of the programs fit into the bulk/domestic category. The agency focuses mostly on foreign surveillance, but has also branched out into broad domestic programs such as the controversial "PRISM" program that acquired data from U.S. tech giants.

These programs are a sobering reminder of the extensive capabilities of NSA surveillance. The agency can collect location data from our cellphones, crack the encryption codes on our devices, and broadly collect phone call records of nearly all Americans.


Check out ProPublica for an interactive version of the chart