This App Wants You To Forget Your Friends After You Make Them

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It's the day after a long night out, and your first thought upon regaining consciousness is: What did I do on social media last night?

Introducing Sobrr, the app that wants to facilitate your ephemeral friendships. It's basically a Snapchat for the relationships you make while you're out on the town.

Sobrr allows you to make "24-hour friendships" that erase themselves in that amount of time unless both parties agree to continue the friendship. You can send messages, photos, and private messages.
"If it's a good fit, you can both become a permanent part of the other's crew," says Sobrr's blog. "If not, that's okay."

Sobrr wants you to "live in the moment," a line aimed at millennials if we've ever seen one. The app's creators are betting that if you know that anything you say or do on the app will be erased in 24 hours, you'll be more outgoing and ultimately, happier.

The app is only available on iOS for now, though you can send messages to someone who doesn't have the app and they'll receive a link via SMS and be redirected to a web browser.

"Sobrr freely and don't worry about tomorrow," says the Sobrr blog. "Not everything needs to last."