This Ex-TechCrunch Writer Will Give Your Startup 45 Minutes Of Advice For $300 On Google+


Jason Kincaid


Jason Kincaid, formerly of TechCrunch

Since Google Helpouts launched in late 2013, we've seen a host of interesting, tech-related tutorials from budding online entrepreneurs offering the likes of WordPress support and gadget training.

Now, a recently-posted Helpout has caught our attention: Former senior writer at TechCrunch, Jason Kincaid, is offering startups 45 minutes of advice for a not-so-paltry $300.

Kincaid describes a potential Helpouts session as a combo of PR advice, mock interview time, product consultation, and general idea guidance, to ultimately help startups "navigate the minefield that is the tech press."
Google Helpouts is a service on Google+ that lets you pay to have video chats with an expert to get a lesson in a particular subject.

Kincaid worked at TechCrunch for four years, until 2012, and now does independent consulting work. He has referred to his imminent Helpouts as "bite-sized" consulting.

Will any startups sign up? Is the price too steep? Maybe.

Kincaid writes the following near the end of his description:

"Finally, this is an experiment; if demand is really high the price may rise accordingly, if it's low, I'll slink away and hope no one noticed." The first Helpout session will take place tomorrow afternoon.