This Home Healthcare startup is your answer for better patient outcomes

Mr Vipin Pathak, CEO, Care24Home healthcare plays an important part in ensuring better patient outcomes. Upto 75% of hospital re-admissions are potentially avoidable, and more and more people are looking to hire home health care services as a way to lessen the incidents of re-admittance to the hospital, receive better follow up care, increase communication between patients and providers and decrease medication errors. That’s where Care24 comes to play


Founded by Vipin Pathak, Abhishek Tiwari, Garima Tripathi, and Pranshu Sharma, Care24 is one of the India’s few funded home-healthcare startups. They provide personal and affordable healthcare assistance to patients within the comforts of one's home. Services dispensed include nurses, attendants, physiotherapists, nutritional guidance, pregnancy care, cancer care and infant care.
Team at Care24The company has also recently launched new lines of services that includes pharmacy delivery, surgical consumables delivery, diagnostic services and medical equipment services As patients need the continuity of care at home to recover physically, mentally, psychologically and emotionally fast with ease and comfort Care24 acts as an extended arm for the hospitals at their homes.

Traction & Monetisation Model

“Care24 is targeting to expand their business across all metros in the country within the next 12 months. Care24 has recently started their Delhi operations and will soon launching their services in Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chandigarh and Ahmedabad during the next quarter. Also they are planning to take the patient count to 2,500 per day from the current 900 per day,” quoted Vipin.

Talking about the monetisation model, Vipin stated that they’re basically using three funnels:

Payment – Done through online and conventional channels directly to Care24. Care24 then processes payment to caregivers and other healthcare professionals strictly to the linked accounts.

Partner services – Revenue sharing model with the Partners rendering other services through us.

Supply Creation - Stringent screening, in-house training, Care24 backend tech onboarding and then assignment and feedback based extension.

Funding and Competition

The company has already closed a $4 million Series A from SAIF Partners last year and is planning to close another soon.

When asked about the competition inside this market, Vipin said, “I welcome competition more than anything, because this is a new area and the category still needs to grow to solve problems of the population.”