This Is How Far OnePlus Has Come In Just One Year

When I first saw the OnePlus One smartphone advertisement on Youtube, my instant reaction was, “Here comes another Chinese smartphone manufacturer to the Indian shores.” Little did I realize that the company’s phones would take the Indian market by storm and win millions of hearts across the globe.

Yes, they didn’t have a great start in India—the company had to cease its sale operations in the initial days because Cyanogen parted ways with the company for India (owing to their own commitments). The company then resumed sales after it came up with own mobile OS called OxygenOS and HydrogenOS (for China).


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The company shared its first year’s result recently, and some of the facts/numbers they claim to have surpassed left me wondering what actually worked for the brand. Some argue it was this brand’s pricing strategy worked for them, but I believe it is their social media strategy that helped them reach this far.

Let’s keep the analysis part for some other day, and take a look a look at some of the company’s worthy achievements:
  • Oneplus shipped 1,055 tons of merchandise across continents; this is the combined weight of 6 whales.
  • Of all OnePlus One devices that have been sold till date: 39% were shipped to East Asia; 22% were shipped to North America; rest 32% & 7% devices found their abode in Europe and India respectively.
  • It has 100,000 media mentions to its credit. This is combined with a huge fan following on all social media platforms:​ 156k followers on Google+;​ 46k followers on Instagram;​ 190k followers on Twitter; 1.1 mn Facebook fans; and ​50k YouTube subscribers.
  • In addition to that, the company claims that combined time that people have spent on OnePlus One website is 847 Years; that is as old as notre-dame!
Interested in knowing more about OnePlus? Well, here is an infographic that will tell you almost everything about the company.