This Janjira Fort, just two hours away from Mumbai, is one of the strongest sea forts in India

There is a marvel in Maharashtra that is in the middle of the Arabian Sea and is touted as one of the strongest sea ports in India. This is yet another marvel of ancient engineering.

Murud Janjira, or just Janjira, is the famous sea port in Maharashtra, located in Raigad district of the state, just two kilometres away from India’s financial capital, Mumbai.

You can either take a ferry, which is the fastest way from Mumbai to reach the fort, or you can go by road.


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What makes it so famous is that Janjira fort is the only fort which was not captured by the Portuguese, The British, or even the Marathas, who captured most of the forts at the Konkan coast.

Not even Shivaji could conquer it, despite 13 attempts.


It is one-of-the kind as ravaged sea waves and a corrosive environment has still not been able to damage much of the fort, especially the exterior walls, which bear the brunt of the angry sea, every now and then.

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It was constructed by Malik Ambar, a minister in the service of the Sultan of Ahmednagar, towards the end of the 17th Century.


It took 22 years to build this fort on 22 acres of land.

Here are other interesting stories and facts associated with the fort