This Magnificent GIF Illustrates How The US Population Will Grow And Evolve Through 2060


America's population is growing, and should continue to grow for the next several decades.


The US Census Bureau recently released updated projections of the makeup of the US population over the next few decades. Using those projections, Business Insider put together this animated population pyramid showing how the US will develop. The horizontal bars show how many men or women of a particular age are projected to be alive in a particular year:

US population pyramid new attemptBusiness Insider/Andy Kiersz/Mike Nudelman, data from US Census Bureau

(As a side note, the numbers to the left of the vertical axis; representing the number of women, are negative as a side effect of how we made the charts.)

The US population is expected to keep growing through at least 2060, the last year of the projections. By that time, the Census Bureau predicts that the US will have around 417 million people, up from the about 319 million Americans today.


The US is also going to continue aging, though to a less extreme extent than other developed countries. The median age in 2060 is projected to be about 43, as opposed to being about 37 in 2014. This still puts America in a better place than countries like Japan, whose median age is projected to be 56 by 2050.