This Startup Founder Is Creating His Third New Dating App


There's no shortage of dating apps, and a lot of that is thanks to Sway CEO Adam Huie - he's currently working on his third dating app.


All of Huie's apps - Let's Meet, Sway, and his new one, Tryst - use a similar anonymous matching interface in which couples can only find out more about each other if they both agree to do so.

Sway just partnered with Bravo TV and its new show "Online Dating Rituals of the American Male." Sway specifically created a new dating app called Tryst for the show.

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With the Sway app, daters anonymously share an interest in each other. If there's a match, Sway lets you chat.

Tryst supposedly makes it even easier to "meet the right people quickly."


Here's an email Sway sent to its users last night:

We've noticed you've been busy doing other things besides using Sway...Well, we've been busy too! We've partnered with Bravo TV and their new show 'Online Dating Rituals of the American Male'. For the show, we created a new app called TRYST, which helps you meet the right people (even more) quickly. As an exclusive to Sway users, we are releasing the app the cast used ahead of Tonights premiere. Use this link now to download TRYST For free.

Tryst is now at least the fourth dating app Huie has been involved with.

let's date and sway


Previously, Huie co-founded Hatch Labs, the mobile incubator that launched Tinder. In June of last year, Huie became CEO of dating startup Let's Date. Next thing we knew, an eerily similar app called Sway popped up on our radar.

Well, as it turns out, Huie left Let's Date for Sway, he informed Business Insider via email last month. In fact, Sway is essentially Let's Date with a different name and a slightly tweaked user interface.


When we opened up Let's Date, we received a notification that the Let's Date experience is ending soon. The app encouraged us to download Sway.

Whether Sway will eventually fold into Tryst remains to be seen. Business Insider has reached out to Huie to figure out just exactly what is going on.