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This Startup Thinks It's Found A Better Way For Businesses To Keep Their Customers

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stuart wall signpost

Signpost CEO Stuart Wall

Signpost, a cloud-based marketing software startup, announced Wednesday it plans to launch a "first-of-its-kind" product that it says will help small businesses solve a big problem they might be facing: getting and keeping customers.

  • Automatic data collection for every call, email, and credit card transaction
  • Data is cross-referenced in an automated CRM platform to form comprehensive customer profiles
  • Timely messages are sent on merchant's behalf to drive purchases, reviews and referrals
  • Merchants get real-time spending behavior for every customer in actionable digests to uncover business trends and their best clients
The biggest draw of the new product seems to be the automatic data gathering aspect of it, which makes customer relationship management (CRM) simple and easy to use. "The new Signpost automates marketing to new and existing customers while providing quality insights into current customer behavior... all without stealing time from the work day," Signpost CEO Stuart Wall says in a press release.

Here's what Signpost's new dashboard looks like. It's clean and simple, plus it looks easy to use:

Signpost Dashboard Customer Contacts


Signpost Dashboard   Overview


Signpost Dashboard   Top Customers


Signpost was founded in 2010. Its goal is to get small businesses noticed through ads on mobile apps and online listings. If the customer takes action after seeing the shop's ad, for example, he or she calls the business, Signpost can gather the customer's name and identify whether or not the person has called or emailed before.
If nothing comes of the transaction, Signpost's technology will send a message to that customer, inviting them back to the business at a later point in time.

The new technology will automatically collect data from every call, email, or credit card transaction and quickly send the potential shopper a message. Signpost thinks this will help small businesses keep customers coming back to their stores, and also, help them compete with big name companies.

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