This app will read your palm within minutes and for free

How do you feel about your future told to you through your smartphone?

No, we’re not talking of those generic astrology predictions, but a feature that will read your palm and give you a prediction that is applicable only for you- that too within minutes.

And, before you ask- yes, it’s absolutely free. However that offer might expire after this week. (So hurry?)

Lookup, the chat-based local commerce app has recently introduced this exciting new service.

All one has to do is click a picture of one’s palm, send it to Lookup through chat and get a basic prediction of one’s future. Women have to send a snap of their left palm while men have to click their right palm.

The maximum time that the startup claims they’ll take to send your prediction back to you is 60 minutes.

In order to make this service authentic and accurate, Lookup has tied up with renowned astrologers and palm-readers in the country. It has partnered with Sri Venkateswara Jyothishyalaya in Bangalore, Palm Reading, Mumbai and Astro Salah Jyotish & Vastu Kendra in Gurgaon to read users’ palms for free.

After Lookup users have received a preliminary future prediction, they can also book an appointment with the astrologers and palmists for a more detailed understanding of what lies ahead for them.

When asked about the idea behind launching this service, Deepak Ravindran, Founder and CEO of Lookup said , "Lookup is going to play the ABCD card — Astrology, Bollywood, Cricket and Devotional — to penetrate deeper into India and to take everything local to the next level using chat"

By connecting users with astrologers and palmists on chat for a free first consultation, they also aim to help them identify the best and most highly-rated professionals in this realm in their vicinity.

So what are you waiting for? Get clicking!

Image credit: Youtube