This is how the wealthy Indian is travelling now

As the corporate activity in India is increasing and the country’s economy is also growing, Indians are getting wealthy too. With the change in their status symbol, another thing that is changing is flying habits.

Now, more wealthy Indians are buying business class on international flights. This is also because people working in corporates want the best treatment and opt for business class.

As per reports, flying business class increased by up to 75 per cent.


"The number of people who travel business class has gone up and this is a reflection of business confidence in the corporate sector. As a result, companies are more flexible and have permitted more senior management to travel business class,” John Nair, head of business travel at Cox & Kings, told ET.

Also, more Indians are also travelling abroad who want to spend their five to nine-hour flight in business class.

As per MakeMyTrip, business class bookings on foreign carriers increased by 37 per cent to 88 per cent year-on-year every month from January to August.


In a bid to tap on the travelling trends, many international flights have cut down their fares up 24%. Whereas, the Indian counterparts have increased fares between 19% and 59%.

Also, Indians do not prefer business class while flying domestic as they do not spend much on a two-three hour flight.

"Actually, demand for sub-four hour flights is falling as people don't see enough value. The growth is in longer flights,” Manoj Chacko, chief executive officer at SOTC Business Travel, told ET.