This is the best taco spot in the US, according to Yelp

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You have to try the Adobada.

With its proximity to Mexico, the San Diego area has long been a favorite of taco lovers.

So it shouldn't surprise you that when Yelp recently released its list of the top-rated restaurants in the US, the top taco place on there was Tacos El Gordo (de Tijuana B.C.) in Chula Vista, CA.

The family behind Tacos El Gordo has been operating restaurants for 40 years, but opened the first Tacos El Gordo in 1998. They now have four locations, two around San Diego, and two in Las Vegas.
What kind of tacos should you get?

Yelp commenters rave about everything, but the Adobada is a particular favorite. These spicy (but not too spicy) pork tacos are similar to Al Pastor (don't forget to ask for pineapple in them). And they are so good people allegedly dream about them.

"You can't beat the authenticity of getting your Adobada sliced off the meat carousel," one Yelp commenter wrote.

Tacos El Gordo 2

Tacos El Gordo

When you are visiting Tacos El Gordo, don't expect too much ambience. Tacos El Gordo is all about the food.

And while these tacos may be the best you can get in the US, one commenter says they aren't as good as the Tacos El Gordo in Tijuana itself. But to get some of that goodness, you have to make the trek across the border.

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