This start up will help you set up your ecommerce store from scratch at just Rs 1499


Inspired from the start up boom in India, many young men thought of giving it a try. Many came up with innovative selling concepts and products and started their own ecommerce ventures. Some got funding and rest bootstrapped their business. The result is incredible. A home to hundreds of ecommerce companies, India has all sorts of stories to tell. While some ventures worked out like Flipkart or Myntra or Koovs, some failed quite badly. So what went wrong with the other guys? Instead of thinking so much, if you are actually serious about your business, meet Zepo, one of the major eCommerce solution providers in India. Zepo helps brands sell online with ease, and grow their business.

Founded in 2011 by Nitin Purswani, Zepo powers more than 2000 online stores across India.

The story of Zepo itself is bizarre. In mid 2014, Zepo launched a social initiative called an online store that helps tea vendors of Mumbai(Chaiwallahs) sell their tea online. The store offered tea to its customers on subscription basis and one can sign up for weekly, fortnightly or monthly subscriptions on the website. Initially piloted in Bandra, within a month of its launch 60 users in Bandra had signed up with and over 750 cups of tea had been delivered.

So what can they do for your ecommerce?

Zepo provides eCommerce software, which you can easily create and design your online store and mobile store. You can also get your brand’s Android & iOS mobile apps.

In addition to an eCommerce website, Zepo also offers a free payment gateway, shipping and eCommerce courier services and also helps with how to market your online store. Through Zepo, you can easily sell on Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon and all other top eCommerce websites in India.

According to the CEO Nitin Purswani, “The first major hurdle for an entrepreneur is the presence of an Online Store. We provide simplified solutions to the most obvious problems that limit an Entrepreneur from going online because they lack the required technical know-how. “

Right from maintaining an E Store, solving tech issues, customizing ease of use, and ensuring the app runs well, Zepo is like your professional big brother.

Besides, most online players have trouble figuring out the myriad list of rules and regulations regarding goods transfer beyond state boundaries. Zepo helps you out in this as well.

“We would like to stress on the fact that we are one of the only end-to-end E-Commerce solution providers in the country. Beyond this, we provide Marketing automation services and Marketplace management services that effectively close the loop for an individual who is looking to do business online covering all aspects comprehensively,” added Nitin.

Price point
The price plan is divided on the basis of plans that have different services and features. The most economical plan starts at Rs. 1,499 per month, and the top-tier plan starts at Rs. 14,999 per month.

(Image: Pixabay)