This startup wants to hire someone to watch viral videos all day

Let’s state it at the outset- This is not a prank or a joke. (Yeah, we’re looking at you Urban Ladder.)

Vidooly, India’s only video analytics data startup that analyses data from over 50 million Youtube content creators on a daily basis, is looking out to hire someone who can tell them where all the viral videos at.

If hired, your job description will actually be watching videos all day and finding the ones that could you can predict would go viral. Stuff that dreams are made of, am I right?

If you’re wondering why this startup is hell bent on making work fun with the position of a ‘Viral Video Finder’, its co-founder Subrat Kar, offers an explanation.

In a post put up on LinkedIn, Kar says, “We have built world class algorithms to identify videos that are trending/about to trend across categories & geographies. However that still doesn’t substitute what a feed curated by a human would look like. As we all know, machines can’t really replace human emotions. That's why; we are looking for a dynamic person who loves watching videos.”

The responsibility of this position would be to watch hundreds of videos every day and find the next viral video (across any genres and featuring animals or humans) and recommend the same to our customers who can plan their content strategy accordingly.

The job location is in Noida, and the additional responsibility for the position includes an unlimited patience to scroll Facebook. (Is this a dream?) The company claims the compensation will be adequate.

You're going to be paid to watch videos all day. Let that sink in.

If you’re interested in applying, send in a brief creative note at explaining why you’re fit for the job along with some of your favourite videos or videos you think have the potential of going viral in the next few days.

All the best. We’re rooting for you! (and all the videos you'll get to watch).
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