This stunning Julia Roberts video tells us why Nature doesn't need people, instead people need Nature

Nature is at the heart of the most immediate and effective solutions for curbing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing our resilience to extreme weather events, yet humankind is destroying its best defense against a changing climate. The food, water, livelihoods that humans need, everything comes from nature, but we’re still busy taking not only more than our share but also destroying what can be preserved for us and our future generations.

As a result, the challenges facing oceans, rivers and forests are rising and affects us all. It's time we realize that saving nature is the only way to save ourselves. In a video titled 'Mother Nature', Julia Robert who is the voice of nature, is heard explaining why nature doesn't need people, instead people need nature - "Your actions will determine your fate. I am nature. I am prepared to evolve."

This one is an eye-opener! A complete visual treat, you have to check this out:
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