'Timeful,' The App That Thinks For You, Has Hired A Key Data Scientist From LinkedIn


Timeful app

Business Insider

Timeful, the time management app that's designed to think for you, has hired LinkedIn data scientist Gloria Lau.


Lau will join Timeful as vice president of data.

"I've known Timeful since they were a research prototype," Lau told Business Insider.

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Gloria Lau Timeful


Lau headed up LinkedIn's core data science team for the last three years. She will join Timeful to work on the app's intelligent data-driven algorithm for helping users manage their appointments and activities.

Lau previously worked with Timeful CEO Jacob Bank when they were both at LinkedIn three years ago. They built up the company's student initiative to "build better data tools for future professionals."


When Timeful launched in August, the app quickly made waves due to its ability to eventually "think" for the user. Timeful combines a calendar and to-list into one app, but it's the app's ability to notice your scheduling behaviors and intelligently suggest a time that's right for you that makes Timeful unique.

Lau says the move to Timeful was a natural one, and that the problem of time management is universal.

"It wasn't a very hard decision. It's the product and the people," Lau said. "Time management is very close to my heart. I work two jobs, have two kids, and I never have time for anything. I want to exercise but never have time for it. The second part is the team. If there is a team that can crack time management, I believe it's Timeful."

To get a better sense of Timeful, you can read our review right here, watch the video walkthrough below, or try the app out for yourself over at the App Store.