Tinder for Safe Players - This Dating App wants your Blood Test report

Tinder for Safe Players - This
Dating App wants your Blood Test report
In the Tinder Age of Internet Dating, most dating apps are aping the Tinder model for dating – you swipe right, the other swipes right too, you’re a match, blah blah blah blah.

However, one of these stands out. Imagine a matchmaking app that requires you to get medically tested apart from 8 other verifications to get you onboard to find a match. Basically, it’s like Tinder, for the ‘safe’ players. Crazy, but true.

Who’s this:
Say hi to Truejodi.com, an Indian dating app, which already has 1.3 million users and 600k app downloads. Believe it or not, it’s the only revenue generating dating app in India. They’re completely bootstrapped.

It’s developed by the same guys who made QuackQuack.

The Issue:
How many times have you come across fake profiles on dating sites? It’s exhausting.

Many of the singles in India, even NRIs look for matches on traditional matrimonial sites. These people want more than a night of ‘boom boom’. They’re in for a serious relationship, or want to get married.

When it comes to marriage, even a meaningful relationship, factors like age, education, income and location are critical. However, many people fake this to get better matches.

They’ll show they are 3-5 years younger, so they could fit into the ‘marriageable age’ bracket. Some even fake educational qualifications, even income figures to make it seem they’re ‘well settled’. You don’t want to date, or marry a fake person.

Add to that the trolls. They’ll hit on random girls, and make pathetic requests. They’ll even Photoshop their pictures to appear more beautiful. These fraud profiles often scam gullible people.

That’s sick.

The Answer:
Imagine Tinder, but with mechanisms to verify each user’s identity.

Here’s how they verify your details:

Photos: No obscene/spam allowed. Studio shots are not acceptable. Your photos will also be cross verified with the photo ID proof submitted to ensure only real photos are accepted.
Mobile Number: Avoids duplicate profiles with common mobile number.
Facebook: Having at least 30 friends is essential for this verification step.
ID proof: Upload a Govt approved ID proof. This helps identify a user’s age, full name and a genuine photo which can help cross verify photos.
Income: Attach latest three months salary slips or the previous year’s IT returns.
Medical records: This app has tied up with labs across India who do home collection of blood samples from users and they’re tested for vital health factors, diseases, medical history so their prospective matches can get a complete picture of someone’s health.

Each of these tests, with many more like address and so on result in a trust rating point. A minimum of 4 trust rating points are needed to even checkout matches. This keeps fakes and frauds at bay.

So why make the effort? If you’re serious about dating, you might as well ensure you’re not dating a crook.

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