Toothpaste fight gets fierce as Colgate launches herbal toothpaste to counter Patanjali

Toothpaste fight gets fierce as Colgate launches herbal toothpaste to counter PatanjaliThe oral care segment is witnessing a battle over toothpaste like never before. In a bid to counter Baba Ramdev Patanjali’s herbal toothpaste-‘Dant Kanti’- Colgate-Palmolive is launching an Ayurved toothpaste-Cibaca Vedshakti.

Although Colgate has a variety of toothpaste in herbal segment, Cibaca Vedshakti will be the first one in Ayurvedic segment.

"In India, the consumer believes strongly in natural ingredients. A toothpaste launching this quarter under the Cibaca sub-brand is Colgate Cibaca Vedshakti," said Bina Thompson, senior vice-president at Colgate-Palmolive, during an investor call.

Nowadays, consumers are opting for more herbal products due to which the Ayurved and natural products now account for 13-14 per cent of the overall toothpaste market.

Following Cibaca Vedshakti’s news, Patanjali said the name chosen by Colgate was inappropriate.


"We worship and respect Vedas like our gods, we don't use them in our products. This is not a toothpaste but a direct attack on our culture," Acharya Balkrishna, MD of Patanjali Ayurved, told ET.

As per Nielsen’s data, Patanjali's oral care market share has been pegged at nearly 2 per cent in the year ended March.

Meanwhile, analysts expect Colgate will be able to fight back against local competition despite being a late mover.

Colgate's Cibaca Vedshakti will be priced at Rs 50 for a 175 gram pack, which is around 30 per cent cheaper than Dant Kanti.