Tumblr Threw An Outrageous Carnival-Themed Party To Celebrate 2014


Lead singer Matt Healy and band The 1975 perform at Tumblr's Year In Review 2014TumblrThe 1975s perform at Tumblr's Year In Review 2014.

A parade of hipsters walked a straight line from the Bedford Avenue L train stop in Williamsburg to a gigantic warehouse space in north Brooklyn last night for Tumblr's 2014 Year in Review celebration.


Despite sleet, the line to enter the party wrapped around the block and we waited dutifully for nearly 20 minutes before a Tumblr employee rescued us and shuffled us inside. 

The party, held at the the Brooklyn Night Bazaar, was massive.

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The Bazaar's hall was packed full of carnival games, food stands, a stage, a video-game arcade, and a ball pit (an inside joke among Tumblr users alluding to this summer's Dash Con fiasco where hundreds of Tumblr fans were swindled out of money but offered the chance to swim in a ball pit).

#tumblr2014 atmosphere.JPGTumblrThe scene at Tumblr's 2014 Year in Review celebration.


There was a neon mini-golf course featuring cardboard cutouts of Tumblr's most reblogged celebrities, an air-hockey station, pool tables, a beer garden, and free taco stand. Projectors beamed top blog posts and Tumblr trends of 2014 onto the walls.

On stage, singer Reggie Watts chanted loudly, "J. Crew, J. Crew, J. Crew! Starbucks, Starbucks, Starrrrbucks! Pieces of shit, pieces of shit, pieces of shit!" There was no music. It was just him yelling these things.

Tumblr2.JPGTumblrThe Brooklyn Night Bazaar's giant hall was filled with free food and games.

Daily Show Correspondent Jessica Williams played host to the evening and was probably the most traditionally famous person there. However, Drake, Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian, and Kanye West lookalikes roamed around the event taking selfies.

Tumblr also invited its power users to the celebration, and it took some effort getting the internet-obsessed crowd out of its shell. The Lady Gaga lookalike said that she was surprised people at the party were so shy. "No one is talking to me!" she told us.

Tumblr3Tumblr Guests hopped in and out of a giant ball pit all night.


To be fair, most guests were more interested in meeting the social-media stars in attendance. Famous YouTubers Joey Gatto, Josh Sobocinski, and Chris Klemmens showed up, and Marnie the dog jaunted through the party in her owner's purse.

There was a smaller, roped-off VIP area that appeared to house a disproportionate number of models and style bloggers. They sipped free drinks and mingled with Tumblr clients and fashion-savvy Tumblr celebs.  

Tumblr4TumblrAttendees crowded around a booth offering free tacos. Free pretzels, cupcakes, and brick-oven pizza were also available.

When asked about the platform, however, one group of three models didn't appear to even understand what it was. "We're just here with my friend," they explained. "She knows a promoter."

Another VIP guest named Jessica Mastroserio admitted she preferred Imgur to Tumblr. She said it was too hard to find images she likes on Tumblr and wasn't sure who to follow. "Imgur is easier to navigate, you can just sort it by 'viral' and do whatever you want to do," she explained.

"I'm trying to get back into it," her friend, a Paper magazine employee named Kate, told us. She said she used to share a Tumblr with her good friend, but that her friend moved away and she had given up updating it on her own.


One single-serving Tumblr she and a third friend at the party created featuring Lindsay Lohan without hands. It been updated in two years.

Tumblr7TumblrGuests enjoyed arcade-style games throughout the night and were able to win prizes such as a free T-shirt.

Back on the party's main floor, Tumblr fanatics rabidly debated how frequently to reblog (a consensus was never reached), and which Tumblr celeb was most accessible (a slew of notable Tumblr users attended the party including Nick Divers from Best Rooftalk Ever, and Mr. Gif).

Tumblr founder and CEO David Karp was also there and spent most of the night in the public area chatting with friends.

By around 11:00 p.m., the party reached peak capacity and indie band the 1975s took the stage. Guests enjoyed a short show before filtering back into the cold night.


The party "was one of the best nights I've had in nyc tbh," graphic artist and Tumblr superfan Dianna McDougall tweeted this morning.   

Tumblr9TumblrGuests exited through a large hall papered with the Tumblr logo.