Undercover Cop Allegedly Had An Affair With A Drug Dealer She Was Trying To Bust

Jessica Dever-Jakusz


Jessica Dever-Jakusz

A married undercover cop in Tempe, Ariz. allegedly botched a five-month investigation into the sale of the drug MDMA in the city by sleeping with the man she was trying to bust, the Arizona Republic reports.

She also allegedly outed other undercover officers in the process.

The suspected drug dealer went to police once he found out that the woman he had been allegedly sleeping with since August, Detective Jessica Dever-Jakusz, was an undercover officer who was investigating him for allegedly dealing MDMA, or "Molly," according to the Arizona Republic.Advertisement

Dever-Jakusz allegedly told him that she was a cop and that two other women who were buying drugs from him were also undercover officers. She resigned from her job this week and is refusing to speak to investigators.

Police are recommending she be charged with two counts of hindering prosecution.

Dever-Jakusz's husband, who is also a cop, might have found out about the affair while it was going on and used equipment in his police car to look up information on the suspected dealer, according to ABC 15.

Police say that the alleged drug dealer's accusations against Dever-Jakusz make it impossible for them to file charges against him for the drug deals between him and Dever-Jakusz.