Vu Technologies Launches Quad-Core 50 And 55-inch 4K TVs In India

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Vu Technologies launched two new beautiful 4K LED televisions in India. The company has taken the competition right up to the Sony’s and Samsung’s of the world. They are claiming that the new set of televisions launched by them are available for one-third the price of Samsung, LG and Sony 4K TV’s.

These televisions can upscale HD feed to 4K viewing and will enhance the picture quality accordingly. Both the TV’s are internet ready and one can browse YouTube videos and more using broadband Wi-Fi. Social and smart browsing features are also available in these. As far as the power consumption is concerned the 50-inch model consumes 110 watts and the 55-inch one gobbles 120 watts. Couple of HDMI ports are also available in these TV’s.

Devita Saraf, CEO and Design Head, Vu Televisions commented at the product launch “The Television is treated as a family member in India, and excellent picture quality and service enhance this experience. Our TVs are the only A+ grade panels in India, which is the top 15% of all the world’s television production. With our Ultra HD Range, we make large size TVs even more advanced and yet affordable”.

These 4K LED TV’s seem like a great offering and one can definitely look at them as a major contender. The R&D of these televisions happens in California, USA. However, the most basic problem with these television in India would be its after sales service. In the world of Samsung’s and Sony’s, who have a great fan following, how will a brand like VU survive? Let’s wait and watch.

The 50-inch VU 4K TV is available for Rs 89,900 and the 55-inch one can be picked up for Rs 1,19,000.

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