We Fixed Fox News' Embarrassing Obamacare Chart


On Obamacare deadline day, this chart from Fox News is being passed around the Twittersphere (via Media Matters):


The chart appears to scale 6 million to around one-third of the Obama administration's original goal for sign-ups through the federal and state health insurance exchanges - 7.066 million.

A proper scale would probably look something more like this:

Obamacare enrollment

Business Insider


Last week, President Barack Obama announced enrollment in the exchanges had surpassed 6 million, which was the administration's revised target after a disastrous rollout of the law. His announcement came four days before the deadline. In addition, the Obama administration has said some people who began signing up by the deadline and had problems that prevented them from completing the process would have extra time to do so.

Demand was expected to surge on deadline day. The HealthCare.gov site experienced at least two outages on Monday, amid record volume. The Department of Health and Human Services said, by noon, there had been 1.2 million visits to the site.

Final enrollment numbers will come out sometime next month, but they could come close to the 7 million originally predicted.