We joined thousands of New Yorkers at a lavish picnic dedicated to summer's most popular drink - here's what happened

pinknic - jumping

Jane Kratochvil / Pinknic

Attendees posing in front of the "#pinknic" installation.

Pinknic is a rosé-themed picnic and music festival that was hosted for the first time in New York City this past weekend.

Over the course of two days, 9,000 people made the trip out to Governor's Island, where they sprawled out on thousands of pink and white blankets, listened to music from various DJs, and enjoyed "Pinknic baskets" crafted by celebrity chef Chris Santos - all while sipping on a selection of rosé wines.Advertisement

Pierrick Bouquet - the mastermind behind a similarly rosé-themed festival that took place on a yacht in June - partnered with Derek van Bakergem to create this event, which focused less on the variety of rosé wines and more on the lifestyle that comes along with drinking it.

"We wanted to create a picnic-type of festival that would be great to enjoy rosé at, and we wanted to add a music component to it, so we created a music festival on this," Bouquet told Business Insider. "It's a nice, lovely background and entertainment for the guests."

We got the chance to check out the rosé-filled festival, where tickets started at $55 for general admission.