We played the insane new Mario game, Super Mario Odyssey - this is what it's like


We played Nintendo's insane new Mario game, Super Mario Odyssey. Here's why we think it could be the next classic Mario game. Following is a transcript of the video.


Ben Gilbert: Remember Super Mario World? Or maybe Mario 64? Even if you never played these games, you probably know that they're classics. And in 2017 Nintendo is on the verge of releasing another Mario classic: It's called Super Mario Odyssey.

I spent an hour with Super Mario Odyssey recently at a Nintendo event and I had a blast playing it. In short, it looks amazing, it plays amazing and I'm really excited to play more of it.

It's a new Super Mario game, where you're in a 3D world. You're collecting coins and you're jumping on Goombas. And if all of this sounds familiar it's probably because you've done it a lot of times before in other Super Mario games.

What makes Super Mario Odyssey so distinct, unique, and ambitious is its massive open worlds that are full of stuff to explore and find … puzzles to solve and new enemies to defeat, but also that there are no power-ups.


So forget about stuff like Mushrooms and Fire Flowers and instead think about controlling literally everything using Mario's new cap. It's called Cappy, and your new ability with Cappy is you're able to capture "capture" enemies or friends … or objects and essentially become them.

So think of Mario as a Goomba, or as a Bullet Bill, or maybe as a question mark block. I know that sounds weird. That's because it's super weird. Mario Odyssey is a very weird game. But then again so are most Mario games right?

So some of these worlds are incredibly unique because they are so surreal. One such world, for instance, is a food-themed world where there are a bunch of human-like forks that have chef hats. Where they talk to each other and are building dishes and it's very weird. I have a hard time putting it into words because of how strange it is. It's sort of like playing a Mario game inside a Dali painting or something along those lines.

And so don't think of Super Mario Odyssey as a Grand Theft Auto-style massive open world. There are a bunch of distinct open worlds that you will go to, they are not as large as something like Grand Theft Auto but they are quite large and you will explore them to your heart's content and that's really at the heart of what you'll do in Super Mario Odyssey.

I'm excited to play a lot more Super Mario Odyssey when it comes out on October 27th on the Nintendo Switch. It looks like a lot of fun, and it looks honestly like it could be Nintendo's next big Mario classic.


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