What The Book Bucket Challenge Is All About

After the famous Ice Bucket Challenge and India’s very own Rice Bucket Challenge, here is another challenge making its rounds on social media: The Book Bucket Challenge. If you have seen your friends either nominating or being nominated for telling the world about 10 books that have been with them for a while, you know what the Book Bucket Challenge is.

However, there is more to it than what meets the eye. Not many of us know that The Book Bucket Challenge is a drive started by One Library per Village, an NGO based in Kerala. The mission of this NGO is to create awareness and share the latest tools, services and resources that add value to digital libraries, enrich user experiences and enhance associated people’s career development and learning activities.

Just like the Ice Bucket Challenge and the Rice Bucket Challenge, this challenge also requires that you do something in the name of charity. Unlike what is coming across on Facebook, this challenge is not only about nominating your friends for listing ‘10 books that have stayed with them for a while’. Instead, you have to make a list of the books you are willing to donate to libraries or needy people.

Now that you know what the real Book Bucket Challenge is, how about taking it up and giving some needy people the gift of knowledge. After all, that is the greatest gift of all, right?

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