When this startup found itself with $10 in the bank, it tricked its subletters into paying its full rent

Caviar CEO Jason Wang can laugh about having $10 in the bank now, but during his food delivery startup's bootstrapping days, it was a day-to-day call whether the company he co-founded was going to make it.

The company only had five employees, but their office had room for 10, Wang said onstage at the On Demand conference. So, like any creative entrepreneur, Wang decided to sublet the other half of the office - for the entire price of the rent.

It was a cheap office by San Francisco standards, since rent was only $600 a month, but it was enough for the company to get by.Advertisement

Don't worry about its bank account balance now though. Square bought the food delivery startup in August 2014 for a rumored $90 million, and now Caviar has an entire floor in the headquarters to call its own.

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