Why Ugg Boots Have Become So Ubiquitous

ugg boots model

Tobias Schwarz/Reuters

Ugg boots are a polarizing topic.

Over the last decade, the comfortable footwear has developed an ardent following. Yet, the boots are often mocked for their clunky aesthetic.

There's a good reason why Ugg boots aren't going away anytime soon, according to Kim Bhasin at The Huffington Post. Advertisement

"The prime reason for the boots' staying power is that there is 'no match for the comfort and warmth' that they deliver," Bhasin writes, citing Ugg president Connie Rishwain.

While some in the fashion industry have embraced the boots, they are routinely ridiculed by others.

"Wearing Uggs does not impart the same sexiness as a tall fall boot over nicely-fit denims or country boots paired with shorts in the summer," writes The Budget Fashionista. "They're squishy, mushy, outfit afterthoughts."

Simply put, people like wearing Uggs because they're comfortable, not because they look good.

"Despite their vast reach, fashion influencers have seen much of their power recede into the hands of consumers, now that shoppers have access to all sorts of fashion information - not just the magazines found on the rack," Bhasin writes. That gives Uggs serious staying power. Advertisement