Buying your dream house from the right builder is a lot more important that you think

With the property prices likely to fall, home buyers are busy browsing the best options available to them. But considering the fact that there has been a steady increase in delays and undelivered apartments, it makes it imperative for a home buyer to evaluate a developer’s reputation in the market before investing in his project. BI India lists down four factors as to why one must check a developer’s credibility before buying his dream house.

The legal angle


A developer with a good reputation in the market assures that all legalities of the project are met with. It should be noted that for any real estate project, 57-odd permissions are required.

“Reputed developers will ensure that their projects have all the certificates and permissions required by the local authorities. Again, their reputation is at stake and they will not take such matters lightly,” said Arvind Jain, managing director of Pride Group.

He added, “All instances of illegal construction that one reads of in the papers today have one factor in common – these projects are by unscrupulous or inexperienced builders who either did not care to get their projects properly approved, or did not know of all the approvals and permissions that they need to obtain.”


Timely delivery

A developer enjoys a strong reputation in the market because of his work. And in the real estate industry, timely delivery of the flat is extremely important. Jain explained

According to industry players, reputed developers are sufficiently funded and hence generally don’t push the deadline beyond an acceptable limit. “Besides, they will under no circumstances jeopardize their credibility on the market,” noted Anuj Puri, country head for JLL India.


Zero-defect Homes

“For reputed developers, credibility is the key to their brand recognition – it is their primary competitive advantage in the market. They will never offer a homes that have construction defects like bad electrical fittings/wiring, faulty plumbing, water seepage, bad drainage, etc. Quality construction also includes the right size and shape of rooms that are in sync with the overall project design,” stated Jain of Pride Group.

Quality Assurance


No one wants to buy a property where the basic structure constructed is shaky. A good developer ensures that the building erected is of the best quality with a strong quality check mechanism in place.

“Their engineers will check and monitor every aspect of the construction process, including soil compactness, proper cement/sand ration, slump testing, drainage engineering and earthquake resistance of the building. This ensures that the project will not suffer from construction-related defects in the future. Choice-based remodeling aside, buyers will not have to pay for structural repairs in the future,” elaborated Puri.