Windows 10 running on 14 million computers already!

Windows 10 running on 14 million computers already!
In a much-hyped affair, Microsoft has launched Windows 10 Operating System recently. People were enthusiastic about the launch the same way they were during the launch of Windows 95 ages back.
Microsoft has said its new Windows 10 operating system is now running on more than 14 million computers, two days after the software was released as a free download.

That's a far cry from the company's goal of getting Windows 10 onto a billion devices within three years. Microsoft says it's releasing the software in waves to make sure downloads go smoothly.


In a blog post late Thursday, Microsoft said it has not ydelivered Windows 10 to everyone who requested a free upgrade for computers running older Windows versions. Microsoft says the 14 million includes some copies installed on new computers sold in stores, says a news report by The Economic Times.

Reaction has been mostly favorable, with reviewers calling the new Windows an improvement over the last version, known as Windows 8.