Women are a lot less interested in virtual reality than guys are

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Sony unveiled its virtual reality headset yesterday, and it's a lot cheaper than the competition - only $400 ($460 if you need to buy the camera), and it works with a PlayStation 4 console, whereas Facebook's Oculus starts at $599 and requires a high-end personal computer to work. Could this finally be the beginning of virtual reality's iPod moment ?

Not if you believe this Horizon Media survey of 3,000 Americans, charted here for us by Statista . According to the survey, less than half of U.S. men have any interest in virtual reality, and only 31% would pay more than $250 to get involved. The figures are much lower for women - 25% expressed interest, and 16% would pay more than $250.

Part of the problem may be that you can't realize how cool virtual reality is until you've tried it, and only 16% of men and 6% of women had ever tried it.

20160316_Virtual_Reality Statista

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