Yahoo Messed Up And Released Taylor Swift's New Video Early

Taylor Swift Blank Space

Casey Johnston/Yahoo

Taylor Swift going crazy with an ax in her new video for "Blank Space," which was prematurely released by Yahoo early this morning.

Overnight, Taylor Swift's new video for her track "Black Space" (off of "1989") made its way onto the internet via Yahoo.

Swift fans woke up like kids on Christmas morning to the surprise that their pop idol had released a new video without so much as an announcement that it went live.

By 10am, the video had been taken down.Advertisement

The video, which shows Taylor wielding weaponry at a gentleman, made the rounds this morning but is no where to be found now.

Then the director of "Blank Space," Joseph Kahn, tweeted the following:

It's believed that Yahoo made an error and released Blank Space earlier than planned.

This is bad for Yahoo for a few reasons. One, Taylor is the only thing that matters right now in the entertainment industry and Yahoo is fighting for relevance. If it had some sort of opportunity to use Swift to attract users - young users - and messed that opportunity up, there's a huge risk that Swift and others will skip Yahoo in the future.

Swift's team has yet to comment on the video or Yahoo's premature release.