Yuvraj Singh opens up about his entrepreneurship, fitness and motivation

Yuvraj Singh opens up about his
entrepreneurship, fitness and motivation
Forget Salman Khan and for that matter even Rajnikant. Yuvraj Singh is a true real life hero. He fights cancer, makes a rocking comeback and then decides to play a literal ‘angel’ to the budding entrepreneurs. A man with a firm head on his shoulders, given his life experiences, Yuvraj today is more passionate about living his life like never before. A cancer survivor, a superstar cricketer, a match winner and then an investor- you can make Yuvi wear as many hats as possible. But in the end, he is the one who takes the trophy home. Wearing his dimpled smile that perfectly suits a persona, Yuvraj looks a perfect leader when addressing people. In town in the capital city to promote his association with smartphone maker Oppo, Business Insider caught up with him for a truly candid conversation to bring to you Yuvraj Singh like never before.

So tell us about Youwecan ventures
I wanted to start a few business opportunities. The online world is quite big and I want to invest in some future ventures. I would be helping young entrepreneurs to expand the business and make India a better place. We have plans to invest Rs 40-50 crores over next few years. We expect to raise Rs 250-300 crores from other investor by 2020.

From technology advisory, financial advisory, seed capital, if you have an idea and the capability to bootstrap your idea, we are there. Youwecan will endorse your business idea and give you the kick-start you need.

What are the other important things that keep you busy when not playing cricket?
I love playing football, tennis & skating apart from cricket. Also, I love reading books.

Tell us about your everyday fitness regime?

My regime is mostly off-season, because that’s when I can put in the extra hours. It’s very difficult to put in that time when the season starts. Of course, then it is about maintaining fitness by doing weights in the gym and very light running. But running is something that is always required.

What is your diet routine like?
I concentrate on eating good carbs and more of protein. I take brown rice instead of normal rice and use gluten-free atta instead of wheat roti. Sticking to this diet helps me maintain good health and stay fit.

What is your motivation factor?
My motivation comes from within. I am one of those who believe in fighting hard and never giving up. My mother is my biggest strength and gives me immense courage.

...And now for some fun rapid answers:
What are the wardrobe essentials for you?
Smart casuals

What is your favourite cologne?

What is your favourite vacation destination?

What is your favourite dish?
Kadi chawal

What is your favourite city and where you would like to settle?

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