A Chinese smartphone company just released the big new feature we're expecting to see in the iPhone 6S before Apple did

The biggest new feature tech analysts and industry watchers are expecting to see in the next iPhone is the addition of Apple's Force Touch technology.

It's all we've been hearing about for months from analysts and journalists that are usually accurate when it comes to Apple leaks.

But Chinese smartphone maker Huawei just released its own new smartphone called the Mate S, with Force Touch technology baked into its screen. The announcement comes just days before Apple is expected to introduce its new iPhone on Sept. 9.
Force Touch is essentially Apple's version of pressure sensitive technology. The Apple Watch has it in its screen, so you can press down harder on the display to perform certain actions, such as changing the watch face. Apple's newer MacBooks have Force Touch in their trackpads too. So, you can press down harder to access certain shortcuts throughout the OS X interface.

The technology is expected to work similarly in the iPhone 6S, offering shortcuts, access to menus, and other handy tricks that could make it easier to zip around iOS.

And, based Huawei's product description for the Mate S, it sounds like the Force Touch feature on its new phone is almost exactly the same.

Huawei writes:

Huawei's innovative Force Touch technology, available in select markets, perceives different levels of pressure on the screen - allowing the user to complete different actions - such as zooming in to a photo or launching an app - by applying increasing pressure. This technology also allows the screen to be used as an approximate scale. But this is just the start; Huawei looks forward to bringing more new and unique Force Touch applications to life.Here's a better glimpse at what the Mate S looks like. It comes with a 5.5-inch screen and is available in silver, gold, and a rose gold-like color.

Huawei doesn't have any plans to launch the Mate S in the United States, but it'll be coming to 30 countries including China, France, and Germany with preorders starting for some markets on Sept. 15. If Apple does unveil its next iPhone on Sept. 9, it'll likely launch a few days after Huawei's new phone.

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