A criminal accountant turned mob busting informant is in trouble again


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Diariocritico de Venezuela/Flickr

Stephen P. Corso gained notoriety for stealing $5 million from clients and then wearing a wire to inform on the mafia.


Now he's in trouble with the authorities again, according to a Wall Street Journal article written by Jean Eaglesham,

Corso helped bust two policemen dubbed 'the Mafia cops' for eight counts of murder in 2009.

That cooperation, along with claims that he had turned his life around, led to Corso serving less than a year in prison.

The 60-year-old is now under scrutiny for posing as an accountant after losing his certification, and is being investigated by the SEC "as part of a wider probe into penny stock fraud," according to The Wall Street Journal article.


He has been working under a false name and claims an impressive resume of false academic and professional qualifications, according to The Wall Street Journal. He's also claimed to be under 60, which, according to the Bureau of Prisons, he is not.

Read the full Wall Street Journal Article here.

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