A Designer Created A Beautiful Concept For Your iPhone Software That Apple Should Copy Immediately


We're only a few days away from seeing iOS 8, Apple's next major software update for iPhones and iPads. But that hasn't stopped concept artists from dreaming up their own takes on what Apple should do with its mobile software.


The latest concept videos from Jay Machalani, which appeared in 9to5Mac's community forums, imagine an iOS full of interactive app icons and widgets in the same flat style introduced with iOS 7.

Machalani's video plays with the idea of widgets-a characteristic that has been present in Android for a very long time. A widget is a preview version of an app that's customizable and shows quick notifications at a glance. These can be resized and dragged between home screens on Android devices.

The weather widget, for example, is most commonly included on the main home screen by default on many Android phones.

Here's a look at how Machalani widget-like system works in iOS.


In Machalani's iOS 8, you'll be able to pinch app icons to make them larger.

The feature works the same on both the iPhone and the iPad.

Opening an app shows a preview of whatever you were last doing in that app. So the messaging app, for example, would show your most recent text messages.


You can also resize app icons by pinching and zooming.

This isn't likely to appear in iOS 8, but more realistic rumors surrounding Apple's next major update include the addition of a fitness-focused app called Healthbook, improved Apple Maps, Text Edit and Preview apps, and more.

Check out Machalani's concept video below.