A Facebook exec who plans every moment of her day shares the routine that helps her get it all done

Facebook Julie Zhuo Day in the Life

Julie Zhuo

Zhuo often multitasks by listening to a TED Talk or an audiobook while running.

• Business Insider interviewed Facebook VP of product design Julie Zhuo about how she spends her days at the tech company.

• She broke down her daily routine, from her early morning workout to spending time with her family in the evening.Advertisement

For Facebook VP of product design Julie Zhuo, being intentional is key.

That's reflected in her daily routine.

Zhuo has worked at Facebook for over 11 years, having joined the team back when the company only had about 100 employees. She's worked on products like Facebook's newsfeed, the like button, and user profiles. Now she oversees the design of many of Facebook's core user experiences - and a team of more than 250 employees.

Zhuo recently chronicled her daily schedule, habits, and strategies for Business Insider. Here's what a day in the life of one Facebook exec looks like:Advertisement