A Google exec shares the 2 things he thinks every 20-something needs to know


Google Amit Singh

Business Insider/Julie Bort

Amit Singh, president of Google At Work.

As new college graduates enter the "real world," they're often bombarded with advice - some good, some bad. But when super-successful people dispense a pearl of wisdom, it's usually worth listening to.


In a recent interview with Amit Singh, president of Google for Work, The New York Times' Adam Bryant asked, "What advice do you give new college grads?"

Singh, who was poached by Google in 2010 from Oracle, where he was also an executive, shared two things he thought every new graduate should know.

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First, he said: "They grow up learning a few things about how to approach problems. The piece that they possibly miss is that, once you're in the real world, it's all about other people. Giving is more important than your point of view."

The other thing he thought 20-somethings should know: How to get along and work together.


This, he said, was "the difference between frontline managers and leaders."

"Leaders find a way to work together," he added. "They find a solution. There's always a way, and you've got to find what that way is."

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