A hidden message about Obama golfing was deleted from Trump's website after people noticed

  • President Donald Trump's campaign website had a Easter egg message hidden in its source code.
  • It was a joke about Obama golfing. The code containing the message was deleted shortly after it was discovered. 
  • Trump has spent 71 of his 346 days in office playing golf.

There has never been a president with the same passion for golf as Donald Trump. 

Since he became president, he's golfed on 71 separate days, according to a count by The Washington Post

That's why a lot of people found it funny when a snarky error message was found hidden in the Trump website's code on Thursday. 

It said: 

"Oops! Something went wrong. Unlike Obama, we are working to fix the problem... and not on the golf course."  

As The Washington Post's Christopher Ingraham wrote on Twitter, it's unclear whether the error message was ever shown. The quip was intended to replace a basic "page not found" message, but there seemed to be errors in the code.

Regardless, the snippet of code has been removed from the website action.donaldjtrump.com, only a few hours after it was first discovered. But you can still see the joke in the source code if you access an archive.org cache of the site. 

Trump has spent 71 of his 346 days in office playing golf, according to The Washington Post, or a round every 4.9 days. Over President Obama's eight years in office, he played 333 games of golf, or once every 8.8 days. 


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